Begin Again EP

by Paper Brain

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Nathan Baker
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Nathan Baker This EP (especially the first two songs) reminds me a lot of Regia (Louis Schefano). Favorite track: ithinkithought.
Aaron Colter
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Aaron Colter The phrase "pop bliss" is uttered a lot by snarky music fans. Well, it applies here. Get over it.
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All songs recorded in 2012 at Klickitat Band Camp


released August 25, 2012

Performed by Mike Wroblewski, Duncan Galvin, Brian Harvey, and Phil Orchard

Produced by Shay Scott and Paper Brain
Mastered by Tanner Cundy



all rights reserved


Paper Brain Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Begin Again
It's everyday
Now it's your move
But I can't win
I need to begin again

Never there
You're never there
And it kills me dead
I need to begin again

Hold me back
From my grave
I need to begin again

See the end
I need the end
And I can't wait
I need to begin again
Track Name: ithinkithought
I could recall the end of the day
You changed your mind, but nothing had changed
You could remind the words in your book
They don't mean a thing, but I looked

Nothing changed

I got sick
I got sick and couldn't sleep
I waited up
Watching movies, drinking tea
The sun did rise
Sun did rise and touch my face
It made me think
Made me think I'd face the day

I felt strong
Went outside to say goodbye
But no one came
All loose ends were left untied
I gathered wood
Gathered wood to take back home
Made my fire
I felt warm, I felt alone

I've got nothing left but seeds
I'll put the dirt back on my knees
You close the door and make amends
Track Name: 911
I've got more to say
Keep it in my mouth
Everything you do
Takes us two steps back
Always off the map
I want something new

Feeling so estranged
Don't know what to do
Seen this ship before
Sinking with its crew
I've been made a fool
I've got nothing new

I've got more to say but it's not clear
Track Name: The Tramp
You held my hand and I could see
You remembered me back when you were blind

My tattered heart nearly stopped
I just didn't want you to give up

I held on to hope