Begin Again EP

by Paper Brain

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released 25 August 2012

Recorded at Klickitat Band Camp by Shay Scott
Mastered by Tanner Cundy



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Track Name: Begin Again
It's everyday
Now it's your move
But I can't win
I need to begin again

Never there
You're never there
And it kills me dead
I need to begin again

Hold me back
From my grave
I need to begin again

See the end
I need the end
And I can't wait
I need to begin again
Track Name: ithinkithought
I could recall the end of the day
You changed your mind, but nothing had changed
You could remind the words in your book
They don't mean a thing, but I looked

Nothing changed

I got sick
I got sick and couldn't sleep
I waited up
Watching movies, drinking tea
The sun did rise
Sun did rise and touch my face
It made me think
Made me think I'd face the day

I felt strong
Went outside to say goodbye
But no one came
All loose ends were left untied
I gathered wood
Gathered wood to take back home
Made my fire
I felt warm, I felt alone

I've got nothing left but seeds
I'll put the dirt back on my knees
You close the door and make amends
Track Name: 911
I've got more to say
Keep it in my mouth
Everything you do
Takes us two steps back
Always off the map
I want something new

Feeling so estranged
Don't know what to do
Seen this ship before
Sinking with its crew
I've been made a fool
I've got nothing new

I've got more to say but it's not clear
Track Name: The Tramp
You held my hand and I could see
You remembered me back when you were blind

My tattered heart nearly stopped
I just didn't want you to give up

I held on to hope